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Foreign assets disclosure in Spain

Foreign assets classes to be reported In Spain, like in most developed countries, resident tax payers must report every year to the Tax Office about three different assets classed located abroad: Foreign bank accounts, regardless the currency Financial assets, like stocks, mutual funds, ETF’s, securities, insurance policies, endowments, Pension Funds, and similar investments Foreign real […]

Tax treaties of Spain

Spain has a broad network of Tax Treaties. As the date of this post, the list of Tax Treaties is the following:   Spain Tax Treaty Network Albania East Timor Kuwait Saudi Arabia Algeria Ecuador Kyrgyzstan Senegal Andorra Egypt Latvia Serbia Argentina El Salvador Lithuania Singapore Armenia Estonia Luxembourg Slovakia Australia Finland Macedonia Slovenia Austria […]

The new reporting of VAT information in Spain in 2017

How will work the new Value Added Tax (“VAT”) reporting scheme in 2017 Starting on July 1, 2017, the Spanish Tax Office has implemented a completely new system to comply with VAT obligations. In principle this new system will only apply to a relatively small number of tax payers, about 62,000, which, however, represent a […]

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