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Maternity leave in Spain

In this post we will address a few statutory work permits established by the Spanish Employment Law which should be well known by employers. MATERNITY  LEAVE Maternity  leave is  the  labor rest period  that  worker parents  have in the cases of childbirth , adoption or fostering, without losing their salary and labor rights. The duration […]

New Tax Treaty between Mexico and Spain

The Tax Treaty between Mexico and Spain has finally come into force. In this post we will address three novelties regarding the taxation of dividends, interest, capital gains and income from technical assistance. Dividends Until now, the existing withholding tax on dividends was 5% when the beneficial owner was a company that directly owned at […]

Interest on equity paid by Brazilian companies to their Spanish shareholders

Brazilian companies can compensate their shareholders both with dividends or paying interest on their equity (“juros”). The former is, under certain conditions set out in the Federal Law 9249 of December 26, 1995, deductible for the Brazilian paying company. This post is about the taxation of interest on equity paid by Brazilian companies to their […]

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