Tax treaties of Spain

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Spain has a broad network of Tax Treaties. As the date of this post, the list of Tax Treaties is the following:   Spain Tax Treaty Network Albania East Timor Kuwait Saudi Arabia Algeria Ecuador Kyrgyzstan Senegal Andorra Egypt Latvia Serbia Argentina El Salvador Lithuania Singapore Armenia Estonia Luxembourg Slovakia Australia Finland Macedonia Slovenia Austria […]

Exemption versus foreign tax credit relief

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How to avoid double taxation on foreign source dividends In Spain, double taxation of foreign source dividends can be avoided by the two classic system: the participation exemption or the foreign tax credit relief (i.e. the imputation system). The exemption system is applicable under certain conditions, namely, a participation in the foreign subsidiary of, at […]

New accounting and tax treatment of the goodwill in Spain 2016

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With effect from the first of January 2016, the law has completely changed the tax and accounting treatment in Spain of the goodwill. Before 2016 goodwill, like other intangible assets without a defined useful live – such us trademarks, licenses and the like- was not amortized. Instead, it had to pass every year an impairment […]

The Canary Islands as a privileged gateway to invest in West Africa

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The Canary Islands, which form part of the Kingdom of Spain for all purposes, enjoy several very interesting tax incentives. Most of these tax advantages are justified by the fact that these Atlantic islands are an ultra-periphery territory of an EU country .Together with the quite well know Special Canary Islands Zone (“Zona Especial Canaria” […]

VAT compliance of online selling through Amazon and other platforms

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Online selling through Amazon, EBay and other similar online platforms have become a populated business. One of the most interesting features of this business is that it allows selling to other countries (technically, other tax jurisdictions) effortless and efficiently. Amazon can even take over all the logistics involved (from storage, advertising, order handling, packing, delivery, […]