Exemption versus foreign tax credit relief

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How to avoid double taxation on foreign source dividends In Spain, double taxation of foreign source dividends can be avoided by the two classic system: the participation exemption or the foreign tax credit relief (i.e. the imputation system). The exemption system is applicable under certain conditions, namely, a participation in the foreign subsidiary of, at […]

The special tax regime for Spanish holding companies

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A Spanish Holding Company   is a standard company, that is, a private limited company (“SL”) or public limited company (“SA”), which include in its business purpose, among others, the management of foreign subsidiaries. In this post, I   will refer to these companies as ETVE’s for their Spanish Acronym Entidad de Tenencia de Valores Extranjeros. Upon […]

Controlled Foreing Corporation (“CFC”) new rules in Spain for 2015

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Overview Controlled Foreign Corporation (“CFC”) rules target profit shifting strategies, whereby easily mobile income is attributed to group companies located in low tax jurisdictions. The Action 3 of the Plan on Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (“BEPS”) directed the OECD   is specifically devoted to this important issue. Spain has become one of the early adopters […]

Corporation Tax

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The main features of companies taxation in Spain for 2012 are the following: Effective 2012 a Spanish company  will be subject to a corporation tax rate of 30 %. However a reduced tax rate of 25 % may apply for small companies (turnover under EUR 10 Millions). The reduced tax rate is applicable to a […]