Interest on equity paid by Brazilian companies to their Spanish shareholders

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Brazilian companies can compensate their shareholders both with dividends or paying interest on their equity (“juros”). The former is, under certain conditions set out in the Federal Law 9249 of December 26, 1995, deductible for the Brazilian paying company. This post is about the taxation of interest on equity paid by Brazilian companies to their […]

Nominee Directors in Spain

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We are frequently asked if nominee shareholders and Directors are allowed in Spain. This is a complex issue, since fiduciary arrangements are frequently viewed with suspicious by the authorities and not only by them, but also by other private subjects which intervene in the business world, like banks, notaries and the like. The main reason […]

Foreign assets disclosure in Spain

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Foreign assets classes to be reported In Spain, like in most developed countries, resident tax payers must report every year to the Tax Office about three different assets classed located abroad: Foreign bank accounts, regardless the currency Financial assets, like stocks, mutual funds, ETF’s, securities, insurance policies, endowments, Pension Funds, and similar investments Foreign real […]