Assets depreciation rates in Spain for 2015


In this post we detail the depreciation rates currently in force in Spain applicable to fixed assets. The depreciation rate applied must be comprised between the maximum depreciation rate (left column) and the maximum useful life (right column). The amount to be charged per annum as depreciation is calculated, under the stright line method, applying the relevant % to the original cost of the asset less the estimated residual value. Note however, that the Law also allows other depreciation methods.

% Max.Years Maximum
Civil Works
General civil work2%100
Infrastructure works and mining7%30
Hydroelectric Power Plants2%100
Nuclear Power Plants3%60
Coal-fired power plants4%50
Renewable Plant7%30
Other plants5%40
Industrial Buildings3%68
Land devoted exclusively to store scratch4%50
Warehouses and depots (gaseous, liquid and solid)7%30
Commercial Buildings, administrative, and housing services2%100
Substations. Energy transportation and distribution networks5%40
Rest facilities10%20
Medical equipment and assimilated15%14
Transport Elements
Locomotives, wagons and traction equipment8%25
Ships, aircraft10%20
Elements of internal transport10%20
Elements of external transport16%14
Furniture and furnishings
Tools and tools25%8
Molds, dies and models33%6
Other items15%14
Computers and other electronics equipment. Systems and Programs
Electronic Equipment20%10
Computer systems and software.33%6
Cinematographic Productions, phonographic, videos and audio series33%6
Other elements10%20

Note that SME (i.e. Small and Medium size companies), can double (x2) the maximum depreciation rates for new assets. To qualify for the SME status the company’s turnover the previous year must have been below EUR 10 MIllions. Finally, assets with an acquisition value under EUR 300 can be directly expensed.