• Tax form 720 -foreign assets disclosure for impatriates

    If I enjoy the special tax treatment for foreign employees seconded to Spain (Beckam Law), shall I file tax form 720 (foreign assets disclosure)?

    The Tax Law does not say specifically that tax payers enjoying the special tax regime for foreign employees seconded to Spain are exempt from filing the tax form 720 (foreign assets disclosure).

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    However, the Tax Office has released a note acknowledging that tax form 720 is not due for these tax payers. This opinion is based on the fact that the information to be provided only makes sense for tax payers taxed on their world-wide income, but not to others, as seconded employees enjoying the Beckam Law regime, who are only taxed on their Spanish source income.

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  • Is it common practice in Spain to sign a fixed-term labor contract?
    Fixed-term employment contracts are only allowed for specific circumstances. In absence of them, the contract must open-ended. Currently fixed-term contracts are only allowed in two cases: to perform a specific job (for instance, to develop a specific app or software) or to support a peak in the employer’s workload.