In this respect our aim is to make sure that the prospective buyer of a Property in Spain does not encounter unexpected problems or pitfalls. Among others, our services include:

a) The vendor is the legal owner of the property

b) There are no charges or encumbrances on the property nor judgements affecting the property, or orders against the vendor

c) There are not adverse registrations pending against the property.

d) The vendor is entitled to dispose of the property

e) Ensure that the property is free from all outstanding debts and charges, specially accrued taxes.

f) Verify, in the case of newly-constructed properties, that the developer has local planning permission and any other administrative licenses required by the Law

g) Formalize or review the sale – purchase private contract with the seller according to the needs of our clients.

h) In case of deposits, we take care that the amounts paid are duly ensured by the vendor.

i) Review and check the public deed to be signed before the notary.

j) In case of leveraged purchases, review of the loan agreement

k) Arranging payment Transfer Tax, notary fees and land registry fees.

l) Handling registration of the property at the Land Registry Office and in the Cadastral Registry

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