Tailor-made innovative solutions in accounting and bookkeeping

Each client is unique and has his own working processes and needs. So rather than imposing our clients a predetermined way to do things, we just  adapt to our client needs, specially regarding reporting schemes. We are an accounting firm in Spain proud to use state of the art accounting software, like most cloud accounting software (Xero, Wave…). You may find interesting reading about our approach to the accounting tasks in our article about how to comply with the accounting requirements of the Spanish Law.

Our services in this field are, among others, the following:

  • Codification of the company set of accounts, in compliance with the needs of the company and the economic sector it is involved in.
  • Bookkeping: recording of all the company accounting documents (invoices, payrolls, national insurance, cheques, etc.)
  • Reconciliation of bank and other personal accounts.
  • Preparing the following compulsory books and records required by accounting and tax regulations: Journal, General Ledger, Quarterly Trial balances, Profit and Loss Account, Balance Sheet, Notes to the financial accounts, Cash Flow statement, Changes in equity statement, Payables Register, Receivables Register, Fixed assets records.
  • Legalizing the compulsory accounting books (Journal and Inventory and Annual Accounts book) in the Mercantile Registry
  • Drawing up and follow-up of the Annual Financial Accounts and Management report and submitting and recording them in the Mercantile Registry.

Some clients, specially at the outset, need full support in their first steps in Spain. Those clients may find useful our virtual office and administrative services, which will help minimize their running cost at a very reasonable cost. Besides this pure accounting tasks, we also take care of the secretarial services required by the law:

  • Legal advice and preparation of the minutes of the annual
  • General Shareholders Meetings and of the Board of Directors meetings.
  • Recording, custody and keeping of the Minutes Book of the company (any minutes which have not been drawn up by us must be sent to us by e-mail).
  • Legalisation, custody and keeping of the Shareholders Register.

We encourage you to visit the site of the Spanish Accounting Supervisory Body (the “ICAC”), where there is a lot of interesting accounting information in English, like the Spanish Accounting Plan, which sets the codes of all the accounts and the compulsory layout of the year-end financials:  Balance Sheet, the Profit and Loss Account, the notes, the Cash Flow report and the Equity changes.