It is sound business practice trying to keep running cost at a minimum at the outset. We fully understand the needs of our foreign clients and try to help them in this first steps. We provide tailor made solutions in the following areas:

  1. Facilitate the opening of a corporate bank account
  2. Obtain local permits if necessary
  3. Virtual office: provide legal address, infrastructure (computers, office space, etc.)  needed to operate in the Spain, one or more dedicated phone lines (answered with clien’s name)
  4. Prepare the company invoices and send them to the clients
  5. Monitor all due dates for Account Receivables Invoices.
  6. Solicit payments from Clients before and especially after Invoice due dates.
  7. Monitor payments to suppliers and report the client all due dates
  8. Provide the Company with regular reports on invoices issued, payments received, cash situation, open receivables and payables
  9. Cloud accounting so that the client has 24×7 access to his records
  10. Act as importer of record for the Company’s Products.
  11. Act as the distributor for the Company’s Products
  12. Manage the importation of the Company’s products and settle Customs procedures.
  13. Manage the delivery of all Products to the Clients

If you have any particular need, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the matter. Thank you