We can set up any type of company admitted in Spanish Laws

We can set up any type of company admitted in Spanish Laws, Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies or Public Limited Companies. As a matter of fact, company formation is one of our core service.

Our services include al the task involved in the incorporation of a company, among other:

  1. Request of the “Certificación Negativa del Nombre” – a Certificate stating that the company name you intend to use is not already taken.
  2. Application for the company Tax Identification Number (“NIF”) for the foreing investor, the new company and the directors of the company.
  3. Opening of a bank account in order to fund the company in formation. The bank must issue a certificate stating that the funds have been received for the capital of the company in formation.
  4. Writing of the official by laws of the company
  5. Filling in of forms for the Capital Tax
  6. Registration of the company at the local Mercantile Register
  7. Registration of the company before the Tax Authorities and in the National Social Security Scheme.

If properly organized, a Spanish company can be incorporated in a two weeks, after the relevant docs have been received. Please kindly contact us for further information.
Some clients find useful to avail from our virtual office and administrative services support, at least at the outset, to keep running cost low.

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