We offer a comprehensive VAT pack of VAT services

We offer a comprehensive VAT pack of VAT services, including VAT registration, compliance and defense services against tax assessments of the tax authorities. Our expertise in this field arise from more than 20 years involved in complex cross border transactions, both in the supply of goods and services.

Among other, our services include:

  • Value Added Tax (“VAT”) and Fiscal representation
  • VAT registration / de-registration;
  • EORI registration
  • Preparation and submission of all VAT declarations: VAT returns (monthly or quarterly), Annual report of transactions with suppliers and customers (tax form 347), Intrastat, EC  sales report. See our post about VAT compliance in Spain for online sellers
  • Keeping VAT compulsory books
  • Assistance in VAT audits by the Tax Authorities
  • Appeals against Tax Assessments before the relevant Tax Court and, eventually, the High Court
  • VAT advice and planning
  • Regular information on Spanish and EU VAT developments (tax rulings, Court Judgments, legal changes…)
  • VAT education and training
  • Fiscal representation for non-EU business (which is compulsory)
  • Handling the VAT refund to non-EU business

We also provide tailor-made services devoted to Amazon Sellers using FbA

If you are interested in knowing more about the compliance dates required by the Spanish legislation we encourage you to visit our post about the tax and accounting compliance obligations in Spain.