Capital Gains Tax calculator

Capital Gains Tax calculator

This handy tool allows you to calculate the Capital Gains Tax due when selling your Spanish Property. You only have to fill in four fields (cost and date of acquisition and price and date of disposal). Then the calculator displays the tax due. Please note that the we have added to the cost of acquisition the deemed indirect tax paid, which we assume to be 7 %. Although the calculator seems extremely simple, behind the scene complex calculations do take place (indexation allowance, tapper relief…). We hope you find this tool useful.For a more detailed information about this tax, please kindly go to this link: Capital Gains Tax. Note that if you get a negative figure, this means that for Spanish Tax Purposes you are getting a capital loss, so no tax would be due in Spain. However, since the purchaser will be retaining 3 % of the selling price as a withholding tax, you would have to apply for the refund before the Spanish Tax authorities.  If you feel unsure about the figures, please do not hesitate to contact us to confirm the expected tax liability derived from the sale of your property. For a very small fee (EUR 120) , we will review the documents involved and send you the right calculations.



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