Inheritance Tax calculator

How much would you have to pay when you pass away and your heir’s take over your assets located in Spain?

You can use this simply yet powerful tool to determine the Spanish Inheritance Tax to be paid. Just fill in the fields and the calculator will show you the outcome. There is only one field which needs clarification, which is the groups of relationship with the deceased. Note that:

  1. Group 1: descendants under 21 years old
  2. Group 2: descendants of 21+, ascendants, spouses
  3. Group 3: brother, systers, ants, uncles, cousins, brothers and systers in law…
  4. Group 4: Other, i.e. non family members

Please also note that this calculations do not consider some allowances or deductions that could be applied is some circunstances (for example, for closely held bussiness, permanent homes…). We have only considered the most commonly applied tax incentives, but we highly encourage your to seek the advice of a tax proffesional or lawyer to explore these issues. We will be more than willing to assit you if required.

We hope you enjoy our calculator and will appreciate if you share this tool with your family and friends if so. For a more detailed information about the Spanish Inheritance Tax  We encourage you to visit our post explaining the basis of this tax.  If you feel unsure about the figures, please do not hesitate to contact us to confirm the expected tax liability. For a very small fee , we will review the documents involved and send you the riht calculations.


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