Foreign assets disclosure in Spain

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Foreign assets classes to be reported In Spain, like in most developed countries, resident tax payers must report every year to the Tax Office about three different assets classed located abroad: Foreign bank accounts, regardless the currency Financial assets, like stocks, mutual funds, ETF’s, securities, insurance policies, endowments, Pension Funds, and similar investments Foreign real […]

Tax rates in Spain for 2016

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For the tax year 2016, as usual, the tax rates applicable to individuals (Personal Income Tax) and companies (Corporation Income Tax) have been reduced Starting by the Corporation Income Tax, the new general tax rate is 25 %. However, for new startups the tax rate is reduced to 12, 5 % for the first two […]

Tax rates in Spain for 2015

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For the tax year 2015, the tax rates applicable to the Personal Income Tax are the ones shown below. They may change depending on the residence of the tax payer within the Spanish territory because the regions have the right to increase or decrease the table within certain limits. However, as a general rule, they […]